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The European Beth Din by the CER

Europe – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Poland, Portugal, Croatia

The JCC in Basle, Switzerland


The EBD was established to answer said demand and provide comprehensive Jewish legal services across a broad array of European cities – as an alternative to the dependency on existing
systems abroad (which not only suffers from the disadvantage of distance, but also language and cultural gaps
We achieve a better assessment of the cases by considering and analyzing of the main factors: number of cases, Countries of origin and Case topics. This allowed us to better assess how we can
respond to the needs of the communities and aimed at the right areas in which we branch Dayanim and can deal from there.
Create a local (or at least regional) response to religious needs of the Jewish communities’ and their members’;
Helping with time sensitive cases, Saving travel time and money as well as minimizing the gaps between Dayanim & applicants Increase the number of applications and cases the EBD by CER will
be able to serve.


The European Beth Din was established over 15 years ago, as an initiative of the late Chief Rabbi Lord Jakobovits z”l, who was then president of the Conference of European Rabbis. Responding to repeated requests from European communities where there were no functioning Rabbinical Courts (Beth Din), the EBD was established to service the demand and provide comprehensive Jewish legal services across a broad array of European cities. The EBD is an affiliate of the Conference of European Rabbis Foundation.
The EBD by CER is currently headed by Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu Shlit”a, who has over 30 years’ experience in leading the most distinguished UK Batei Din in London and prior to that in
Manchester. He is the undisputed senior Halachic personality in Europe. In addition, the EBD employs Dayanim from established European Batei Din.

Whilst the EBD by CER is based in Basle, Switzerland, it serves individuals and communities from the following countries: Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Greece, Serbia, Poland, Portugal, Croatia.
Members of the EU Beth Din by CER:

  • Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu Shlit”a
  • Dayan Menachem Gelley
  • Dayan Pinchas Goldschmidt
  • Dayan Menachem Gelley
  • Dayan Yichia Toboul
  • Dayan Moshe Lebel
  • Dayan Raphael Evers
  • Dayan Reuven Ohana
  • Dayan Eliezer Wolff

Services include:

  • Supervision of Jewish Religious Divorce
  • Dispute Arbitration Mediation
  • Supervision of Adoptions & Conversions
  • Communal Dispute Resolution
  • The goals of the EU Beth Din by CER:
    To serve communities and countries with no permanent and authorized Beth Din
    To arbitrate ethical issues between the rabbis of the conference
    To respond to current communal halachic queries
    To resolve internal conflicts within communities

    The CER wishes to expand the EBD program: First, Infrastructure and preparations will be handled for 5 new countries in the first year(Y1). 3 regions will be added during Y2. Finally, 2 more by Y3 – A total of 10 more bases to operate from and provide a local response to Beth Din related issues.
    Accordingly, we envisage a significant growth in the number of cases we will be able to serve.
    A coordinator will be hired to manage the project: First on a part time basis, and gradually dedicating a full-time position by Y3.
    We will achieve our success by Growing numbers of new countries that will hold an Beth Bin
    And the numbers of applicants and cases that will be ruled by upon and supervised each year will increase as well.

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