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The Boat Project with Matanel

France & the Mediterranean

The Boat Project


We need nowadays to rediscover Otherness, seeing it as a valuable asset, instead of a source of anxiety and fear.

The Boat Project with Matanel is aimed to transform our common environment, the Mediterranean sea, into an essential element of education for living together, connecting its shores and developing a Mediterranean dialogue.


At the heart of the project there is a boat, a sailboat, with on board a crew formed by young adults recruited all around the Mediterranean: the Companions of the Mediterranean. Sailing from Marseilles, it crosses the sea from shore to shore, weaving links from North to South throughout a school year: Marseille, Tangier, Barcelona, Algiers, Genoa, Tunis, Athens and Palermo. 8 port cities connected by these journeys.
At each stop of its Mediterranean sailings, the boat deploys as an ephemeral school in the harbor and its surroundings, working with local associations over a period of 3 weeks to host schools in a series of collaboratively created workshops. These activities allow the development of a meaningful dialogue between local inhabitants and joint work with young people on the other side.

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