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The Beit Midrash for training a senior state rabbinate in Israel




The Beit Midrash for municipal rabbis is striving to create a framework that will accompany young rabbinical students through a process that will qualify them for the municipal rabbinate, while also preparing them for the many diverse aspects of this role, developing and enhancing its broad meaning within contemporary Israeli reality, and especially in light of the new reforms regarding state and religion in Israel.


The Beit Midrash is based on a combination of three main anchors:

  1. Two years of study to obtain the qualification to become a municipal rabbi.
  2. The main source of the program’s inspiration will be the halakha and leadership of the Sephardi Sages in recent generations, including the culture and Jewish study of the Golden Age of Sephardi Jewry – a rich and harmonious spiritual and Torah-oriented world that embraces the notion of broad Jewish studies together with other worlds of rich and diverse knowledge and scholarship.
  3. Alongside the advanced halachic studies, there will be study on many tangential areas relating to the work and image of the ‘Complete Sage’, including family and civil mediation, the basics of social work, public policy, rhetoric and the art of speaking, the history of Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewry, philosophy and Jewish thinking, community leadership, community building, and more.

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