Encouraging faith


The Bassad Project




In the second decade of the 21st century, it should not be the case that a Jew from Europe who is interested in getting hold of a Chanukah menorah, matza for Pesach, or any kind of Jewish book should need to order them from Israel. A Jew should have the possibility of leading a Jewish life easily, observing the Torah and its commandments fully without any special effort. Throughout the year, Bassad distributes Judaica products and kosher food in Europe, with an emphasis on low prices and marketing throughout all of the cities in Europe.


Bassad operates from the capital of Europe, with contact people in every country. Several months before Pesach, we produced kits of matzos for mass distribution in various languages with explanations of the nature of the festival and the commandment to eat matza. The merchandise arrived at the storerooms with a classification and packing system, and from there thousands of kits were sent to dozens of Jewish communities throughout Europe. We invest much effort and search for the best quality products, placing a strict emphasis on the possibility of low pricing in order to make it easy for any Jew to fulfill his desires without needing to incur huge expenses. The organisation’s website is a unique model of easy and fast ordering through the Internet. The desired product can be selected in several languages, various designs and with the possibility of printing a logo or commercial symbol for that particular community or organization on the products.

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