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Tenufa Bakehila, Ashkelon


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Tenufa currently works in 12 cities across Israel, renovating the most dilapidated homes, which are referred to us by the municipal social workers. In the last 25 years, we have renovated nearly 5,000 homes.

In 2018, Tenufa ran a pilot project, renovating 10 homes in Ashkelon. The project demonstrated how greatly our services are needed in the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Ashkelon.  In 2019 Tenufa will renovate the homes of 50 needy families referred to us by the municipal welfare department.


The proposed project will help impoverished families from Ashkelon who cannot afford to fix even the most urgent disrepair in their homes. It will assist in breaking the cycle of distress by providing urgent renovations to their homes and initiating a rehabilitation process under the guidance of a Social Worker. The repairs may include fixing broken and leaky roofs, repairing electrical and water systems, replacing broken doors and windows, and painting the homes.

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