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Tenufa Bakehila (Building Hope)


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We reach the most indigent families, who have nowhere else to turn to. In Israel today there are tens of thousands of such families. Being the only organization in Israel who cares for these families, we strive to expand to as many cities as we can raise funds for, and reach as many families as we can.


The coordinator receives referrals from the municipal social workers of families living in dilapidated homes, which are in need of urgent renovations. He then visits the families to determine their needs and assess the extent of repair work.

Examples of renovations include repairing moldy, peeling and crumbling walls and ceilings, roof leaks, door and window frames and kitchen counter and cabinet restoration. The renovation gives the families a renewed sense of dignity and esteem.

While fixing the resident’s home, Tenufa’s coordinator and staff notice the family issues and pass on the information to the social worker. Many times they notice a significant change in the attitude of the residents due to fixing up their home. Many of them develop the will to change and so we bring in social workers to help them get back on their feet.

The Program Coordinator conducts weekly meetings with the workmen regarding work accomplished, contact with the local welfare agencies, vehicles and equipment condition, etc. The workmen are asked about how they perceive the families satisfaction with the work done.

In addition, the Coordinator inquires the families’ satisfaction with the repairs done in their homes and with the support they receive by the social worker.

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