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Tene Yerushalmi – Perach Zahav Bnei Bayit


    מתנדבת עם קשישה


Tene Yerushalmi’s Vision is a democratic, pluralistic and tolerant Israeli society in general, and more specifically in Jerusalem, based on active, involved young citizenship.


Tene Yerushalmi cultivates a generation of leaders who advocate democracy, Zionism and humanism, guided by a deep connection and responsibility for the city of Jerusalem and the State of Israel.

Jerusalem’s challenges – social polarization and withdrawal from civic action – will be those of the State of Israel in the near future. The leadership that will create solutions for Jerusalem will solve Israel’s future socio-economic challenges.

Participants in our educational programs develop a sense of social responsibility, a desire for activism and the ability to succeed.

Today we have hundreds of graduates from our premilitary preparatory program/Mechina, who have built a network of nearly a dozen heavily-committed social outreach communities in Jerusalem. As the number of alumni grows from year to year, so does Tene Yerushalmi’s influence on the city of Jerusalem and the future State of Israel.

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