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Technoda Nitzan Matanel Young Scientists Summer Program


Matanel Young Scientists Picture


The Young Scientists Program provides underprivileged elementary and junior high school children with a safe environment during summer break, aimed to inspire curiosity and a love of science and technology. It includes fun, experiential activities in medicine, space and aviation, chemistry, physics and more, meant to get participants familiar and fascinated with these fields, in hopes they will choose to learn them later on.


Technoda, the Israeli science and medicine museum, was established in 1986 with the aim of developing future generations of Israeli leaders in science and technology, as well as bridging social and economic gaps by providing a supportive educational framework for underprivileged children. Since its establishment, Technoda has grown from a local initiative to one of the largest scientific centers in the country, with state-of-the-art facilities and about 250,000 annual visits from all over Israel.
In addition to activities during the school day, afterschool programs for science-oriented youths and gifted students programs, Technoda operates afterschool and summer programs for hundreds of underprivileged children. Located in Givat Olga, where the vast majority of children come from a low socio-economic background, Technoda provides programs in which children of the area receive hot meals, assistance with their homework and enrichment activities centered around science and technology on a daily basis.
In all of our programs, we aim to cultivate the children’s senses of self-confidence and self-worth and assist them in acquiring analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, all of which are paramount to academic achievements and workforce readiness in the 21th century.

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