Encouraging our fellows


Tenufa-Bakehila, Ramle Lod, Israel


Before and after


We aim to wipe out the majority of desperate welfare housing cases across the center of Israel. We will do this by replicating the Tenufa model that has proven so successful in the past, scaling up our operations to address the needs of many additional cities.


In continuation of our work in 9 cities across Israel, our professional team will carry out urgent, basic repairs at no cost for welfare families from all backgrounds and religions in Ramle and Lod. Both of these cities have a large number of non-working families who cannot afford even critical repairs. Our experience has proven that a sound roof, a functional kitchen and a clean and safe environment, kick-start a positive spiral that helps desperate families break the cycle of poverty and distress. While our workers repair the house, social workers reach out to each member of the family, helping connect them to available services in the areas of health, education and welfare.

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