Encouraging our fellows


Sustainable livelihoods in rural communities in Zambia


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– We believe that every family and every child deserve access to nutritious food, clean water, basic education, health care and equal opportunity to shape their own lives.
– We believe that our global food system and environment will benefit by strengthening the hundreds of millions of small farmers across the globe so that they have the capacity to feed themselves and their nations.
– We believe that Israel and the Jewish people have a role to play in creating a more just and beautiful world.
– We know that with good intention, intelligent research, patient implementation and honest partnerships, we can make an impact that will change the lives of many people.”


Tevel works to transform rural villages in Zambia into sustainable communities, by working with local leaders and Israeli volunteers to create new livelihood opportunities and local institutions. Our work is led by our professional local partners and empowered by our service learning programs. We are now working to develop sustainable agriculture projects based on solar-powered irrigation systems in arid areas of Zambia, that will provide training and livelihood for rural communities.
By involving volunteers in the project we are both enhancing the impact, and introducing young activists to this field of activism, with the aim of growing a Jewish community dedicated to addressing global poverty.

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