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Supporting the brides


    Closeup of white wedding lace with floral pattern


The Bat-Chen Association was founded in 2008 .

The foundation was founded in order to help needy women from distressed families in different fields of life, To promote them and allow for financial independence. From 2008 to 2018, the association with the assistance of Matanel Foundation assisted many women in many fields, education, health, Economic support.


The next project in support of the Matanel Foundation is helping the brides in Israel before the wedding. Brides whose economic condition is difficult and therefore have to be reduced to the happiest event in life on Weddings Day.

This support will facilitate the brides and their families and allow for participation in the high costs on the occasion of weddings. The association will choose the course of 20 women and each of them receives assistance for up to 10000 NIS.

The wedding expenses are now high and many and every bride wants her event to be dignified and holy.

There is no doubt that this aid will facilitate the couple and make the bride happy and rested. May this aid be able to begin to build their home well-rested and will not require help, Hopefully, they’ll be on the side of the Giver.

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