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Summertime Science Enrichment for Underprivileged Students, Israel


מכון וייצמן 2017 2


During the summers, a number of universities offer intensive science enrichment programs (“Noar Shocher Mada”) for elementary to high school students. These programs expose participants to a wide range of topics and high-level learning, stimulating their curiosity and improving their motivation to learn. This project provides scholarships or subsidies to talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds, in order to participate in the science summer camps.


The program objectives are:

To subsidize the participation of 250 disadvantaged youth with academic potential – children of Ethiopian descent, from the periphery, from low income families, and others who can benefit from the program – in science oriented summer camps throughout Israel during July and August.

To increase participants’ curiosity, motivation and ongoing academic performance as a result of taking part in the summer science programs.

 The aim of the program is to provide subsidies to some 250 talented but disadvantaged elementary to high school children per year, to attend the science summer camps. Students will be selected through recommendations by school teachers and principals, who are aware of their academic potential and their family situation. The selection process based upon the recommendations. Students will be selected both from SAE and non-SAE schools and residences.

Subsidies are paid directly to the universities operating the summer camps. SAE will match Matanel’s donation by securing discounts from the universities, and from the local authorities. Where possible, SAE will request a minimal payment (between $25-$50) from parents of participating students. Parental payments are requested in order to encourage parents to ensure that their child’s attendance.

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