Encouraging progress


Summer Activities in Technoda – Nitzan Matanel




  • To give the children a safe environment especially during vacations and holidays while they are not under the supervision of any formal system.
  • To expose children to science and technology.
  • To bridge social and economic gaps in Israeli society by providing a supportive educational framework for children from weaker populations at their free time with emphasis on technology and science.


Established in 1986, Technoda is the only science and technology center of its kind in Israel. The Technoda attracts over 250,000 visits annually from every background, ethnic group, religion and lifestyle in the country and serves as a regional center for gifted children. The children enjoy hands on activities starting from a unique learning experience for kindergartens using a specially developed science through fairytales method to trigger the child’s curiosity.

The main guideline for the program “Summer Activities in Technoda – Nitzan Matanel” is to give a safe and warm environment to these children. The children will be recommended by schools and by the social authorities and they will come to 15 days during school vacations at which they  will receive 2 meals a day and participate in a program that include science and technology classes and social  and cultural activities.

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