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Straus-Amiel Institute’s Conference for Rabbinic families in Europe




Founded in 1998, the Straus-Amiel Institute seeks to meet Jewish communities’ needs across the world by training the communal, rabbinic and educational leadership. These leaders’ goals are to maintain and enhance a Jewish life firmly rooted in the world of halacha, while seeking to meet the needs and goals of the community and the individual with professionalism and sensitivity.


Beyond the training program undertaken by the future Jewish communal professionals, the staff is at the service of the shlichim on any question or matter – halachik, communal, educational, logistical, familial and personal. Indeed, contact with the institute does not end with the signing of the contract, but continues throughout the shlichut. The institute is an address for any question or dilemma and guidance is provided to the emissaries over the phone, through e-mails, visits of the Amiel staff to the communities, visits of the shlichim in Israel, the dedicated private Facebook page and in-service training provided during regional conventions.
The undoubted highlight of the continued contact are the conferences and in-service training provided by the Straus-Amiel Institute. these conferences bring together the staff, emissaries and expert speakers to discuss the issues of the day, strengthen the bond between staff and graduates as well as among the emissaries themselves who will have studied at different times, but are all bound together by the nature of their work and their shared history as students of the Straus Amiel Institute.

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