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Startline – Developing Your Future




Startline aims to provide bright, underprivileged young adults the opportunity to build a career in the Israeli high-tech industry. It allows them to obtain a profession that matches their skills, creates a constructive social and learning environment for them, encourages the creation of beneficial personal and professional relationships, and increases their self efficacy


By cooperating with welfare services and municipal young adults centres, Startline locates appropriate candidates and creates an accelerated programming bootcamp, which is tailored for the specific needs of these individuals – both professional and social. The program includes comprehensive emotional and welfare supports, and assumes no prior knowledge in programming – only a desire to learn and improve. The professional training is led by itc, a leading bootcamp in the Israeli high tech industry. We recognise the importance of tutoring and mentoring the students in this challenging transition, and provide experienced mentors which guide the students throughout training and their first year on the job. All mentors undergo specific training in Amit Laderech, a voluntary association that specialises in mentoring and empowering of young adults.

The Program Includes:

  • A preparation course toward the program entry exams
  • 6 month full-stack developer course, including 2 months hands-on internship
  • Personal mentoring by senior executives from top companies
  • Optional soft-skills training – job interview preparations, LinkedIn workshop, and more
  • Guidance and assistance in landing the first job


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