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Social Delivery




Social Delivery promotes social justice and advances corporate and environmental responsibility. While thousands of Israelis are in desperate need of basic goods like clothing and furniture, tons of surpluses are disposed of weekly, creating waste and harming the environment. Social Delivery connects the two: we receive manufacturers’ surpluses or used items in excellent condition and distribute them to NGOs and individuals across the country.


Social Delivery is a social economic initiative which connects industry, government, civil society organizations and disadvantaged populations in a way that benefits everyone.

Our platform takes in manufacturers’ surpluses or discarded goods in good condition and distributes them to non-profit organizations and people in need all over Israel:

  1. Social Delivery locates and transports excess merchandise from companies around Israel to our distribution and logistics facilities. Suppliers include major Israeli companies, manufacturers and importers, hotel chains, insurance, energy, tech companies and more.
  2. At our warehouse we sort and repackage goods – clothing, furniture, appliances, computer equipment, etc. 10% of all goods received are stored for emergency usage.
  3. Social Delivery distributes goods to relevant organizations: non-profits, boarding schools and more, providing a social safety net for organizations and beneficiaries.

Social Delivery’s platform is making a positive impact on Israel’s environment and society, reducing the amounts of waste going to landfill  and helping transform reuse and consumption patterns among suppliers (companies) and beneficiaries (organizations in need). As a result of our activities, dozens of organizations and hundreds of people benefit from new and high quality goods each week.

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