Encouraging progress


Shoshanim Arts and Science High School for Haredi Girls




The Shoshanim – Arts and Sciences High School, opened in September 2018, is the first arts and sciences high school for Haredi girls. It is a four-year high school, providing education for full matriculation, this will equip them to go on to higher education and an interesting, lucrative professional life.


Shoshanim – Arts and Sciences High School was opened in  response to analysis of the situation of Haredi women and girls and the Haredi educational system, which shows these central needs: Studies relevant to the labor market, and Personal Development through Expressive Arts.

The three pillars of the school are Science, Personal Development and Judaism. STEM tracks will include biotechnology, computer science and biology, as well as mathematics which is required for all matriculation certificates. Personal Development will be encouraged through Expressive Arts tracks including theater and visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, metallurgy and art history).

These pillars will serve as a basis for a school worldview in which the students will be active partners in discussions, express their options and broaden their knowledge in different fields. This will be done with an emphasis on art as a teaching tool for creativity and personal expression, and STEM subjects as tools for in-depth thinking and research processes, preparing students to face the challenges of the 21st century.

The school opened with one 9th-grade class (30 students), with two classes of another grade being added each year, such that, in four years’ time, it will be a full, four-year school.

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