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Shekel Vocational Rehabilitation Center


  • Shekel Vocational Rehabilitation Center 2016

  • Shekel Vocational Rehabilitation Center 2016



By strengthening abilities rather than disabilities and focusing on individualization and normalization, SHEKEL helps people develop their independence, reach their potential, live lives of meaning, dignity, self-fulfillment and becoming contributing members of society.


SHEKEL is a leading promoter of Jewish social justice, believing that everyone has the right to live in the community rather than be shut away in distant, impersonal institutions. It is the obligation of society to provide programs and services for people with special needs and this is what SHEKEL has undertaken. Shekel, founded in 1979, cares for 8000 children and adults with physical, mental and emotional disabilities from all sectors of Israeli society daily and impacts on thousands more.

Thanks to Shekel, hundreds of people with special needs are living productive lives of dignity, self-fulfillment and self-determination in Israel today.

Matanel Foundation helped Shekel open a Vocational Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem in 2008. 200 people work there full-time and another 100 people are trained to work semi-independently at regular jobs all over Jerusalem under Shekel supervision. Matanel Foundation is helping SHEKEL a coffee shop which will expand work opportunities, teach new skills, offer new experiences to develop, realize their potential and generate a new source of revenue.

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