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Séminaire Yad Vashem, Témoins 2ème Génération



We want teachers, educators, students and other multipliers from Luxembourg to know more about the Shoa in Luxembourg and in Europe, but also learn about Jewish life and culture before/ during/ after the Shoa. Participants in the program at ICHEIC Yad Vashem strengthen their skills in disseminating knowledge about the Shoah.


Our training program for teachers, educators and other multipliers working in the field of Holocaust/ Shoa Education started in 2015 with the financial support of Matanel Foundation. The program has been implemented in Luxembourg in cooperation with the Belgian Foundation “LaMerci”. “Témoins de la 2e Génération” coordinated the program in Luxembourg:
– contact with the Luxembourg Ministry of Education / Department “Institut de formation de l’Éducation nationale” (IFEN)
– insertion of the teacher training into the national teacher training program
– promotion of the program (by mailings, social media)
– choice of applicants and
– contact with the participants.

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