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To question, Discover, Transmit a vision of Sephardic culture via five countries. Through the eyes of a filmmaker, characters express themselves, live, question and seek their origins.

My goal with this film: to capture the complexity and richness of Sepharadism through sometimes dissonant paths.

To get out of the cliches that usually hold Sephardic culture hostage.


Cocktail Movies is a production company whose editorial line focuses on issues related to questions that affect our contemporary society, in the place given to the human being, the identity of people, intergenerational transmission and the transversal nature of cultures.

For twenty years Clara Elalouf has been engaged in a career as an author and film director. She is currently developing three feature film projects for theatrical release, two creative documentaries, “SEFARAD” Cocktail Movies, “Ni d’Eve Ni d’Adam” TS productions/distribution Pyramides and a feature-length fiction film, “La Nuit remue”, winner (annual selection) by Groupe Ouest and Boost Camp / Residence 2017-2018. Clara Elalouf also shares her time as a film teacher in the Benjamin Franklin’s high school in Orléans and is regularly invited by movimakers and producers as a non-fiction and fiction scriptdoctor.

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