Encouraging progress


Science Summer Camp for Children and Youth at-risk at the Hurfesh Druze Children’s Village and the Carmiel Children’s Village




We believe in the abilities of every child to grow up and fulfill his full potential despite his background.


During the summer vacation there is a need for an educational framework which is different from school. This framework should include interesting and interactive activities that would attract the children’s attention and provide knowledge in a fun way.
The project goals are: To light the spark and will to learn and discover new worlds through science. Educational and scientific activities, will encourage the children to use their imagination, grow, develop, dream, think and create in an experimental scientific way.
Hurfesh: The program will take place at the Hurfesh Children’s Village and will include tours and activities at the Druze Space Center Named after Ilan Ramon, Yarka, such as Planetarium, Sun observation, Scientific experiments and model construction.
Carmiel: The program will take place in the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space (Haifa), Carasso Science Park (Beer Sheva), Eretz Israel Museum (Tel Aviv), the Druze Space Center Named after Ilan Ramon (Yarka).

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