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Safe Haven STARS: Science, Technology, and Academic Readiness Overnight Camp, Israel


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Safe Haven STARS: Science, Technology and Academic Readiness Camp will allow Orr Shalom’s most at-risk children and youth to become familiar with key language and science concepts in an informal setting. Developing their relationship to science will reduce their educational gaps; and increasing the sense of curiosity and wonder, latent in all children, will only help them on their path to a brighter future.


Sixty of Orr Shalom’s children have nowhere to go during school vacations – either because they are orphans, or because their biological families are too violent or dysfunctional to host them for even a short period. Safe Haven Overnight Camp cares for these children four times a year.

With thanks to the Matanel Foundation, we are transforming 4 weeks of Safe Haven to Safe Haven STARS: Science, Technology and Academic Readiness Camp.

Children who receive informal science education, who are able to ignite their latent spark of curiosity, are more motivated and able to improve their performance in the classroom. Safe Haven’s children have no biological family support, have extremely traumatic histories, and many have some form of learning disorder only diagnosed once they are referred to Orr Shalom, and face a wide and growing educational gap. We must provide our children with further opportunities not readily available to them. We must provide them with the tools and skill sets necessary to build a solid foundation for a secure future.

Through our partnership with Matanel we will give these 60 children an extra push by igniting their curiosity and feeding their hunger to learn about the world around them.

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