Encouraging our fellows






“Together we create a chain of generations of love”

Our vision at Sababta’s is to create a chain of generations, to give each and every one a place in the chain of generations, and to give everyone a sense of belonging and of “togetherness”

Loneliness shortens life and impairs the quality of life. According to research – 42% of the elderly in Israel feel loneliness on a daily basis.

Our goal is to dispel loneliness, and create a connection between the generations in a way that each generation gives its own benefits and enjoys the benefits of the other


“Sababta” is a unique youth movement that connects teenagers and seniors, the first of its kind in Israel and to the best of our knowledge, all over the world!

Sababta was founded by a group of boys and girls from Ramat Beit Shemesh in September 2019, and it provides an opportunity for teenagers to experience an empowering and enriching social activity with seniors, in which everyone contributes and everyone benefits.

In Sababta, there are enriching, fun, reciprocal intergenerational meetings that also include joint social activities for the community.

More specifically, in these times of social distance, Sababta fills the need for a meeting between the young and the old, who have been separated from each other, and proves that it is possible to act creatively and make the meeting an unparalleled experience.

Currently, Sababta has over 600 active members in 20 branches across the country, in which the younger generation and the older generation, and together enjoy experiences of creation, story, activity, value learning or “just” playing together.

Sababta’s vision is to bring about social change through connecting the younger generation with the older generation for shared experiential activities.

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