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Retired Senior Citizens write Hebrew Wikipedia, Israel


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Engage retired senior citizens in Wikipedia as active editors, who share and create free knowledge, and are part of the international Wikipedia community thus offering an opportunity for meaningful activity that challenges the mind, awards a sense of personal achievement, and eases the impact of social isolation.



The program is planned for 100 retired senior citizens with technological literacy, who will participate in the following activities:

  • Four workshop sessions teaching the creation of encyclopedic writing: accurate and neutral writing style, use of external resources, editing and writing articles on the the Wikipedia platform. Participants will receive printed and online support services, e.g. a guide to encyclopedic writing, presentations, videos, and examples of Wikipedia entries.
  • Enrichment meetings of one day once every three weeks for a year.
  • Wikipedia conference every six months.
  • Three educational tours throughout the country.

We plan to run the program in four groups:  two in Tel Aviv for Hebrew-speaking participants from the general, secular population,  one in Jerusalem which will include National Religious participants, and and one in Be’er Sheva, adapted for Arab-speaking participants.

During the first year of the project, each of participant will write one new Wikipedia article and edit the content in an existing Wikipedia article that lacks information.

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