Renovation of the mikve

Florence, Italy



Mikve users are increasing as young families of the Jewish Community of Florence are rediscovering the importance of ritual purity in Jewish life. The investment in improving the mikve will certainly serve as a positive example for the Community. A new mikve will also enable us to satisfy many requests coming from tourists visiting Florence, who are now redirected to other places and, among them, young couples coming to get married.


The Florence Jewish Community is small but, as most communities in Italy, it has been here for various centuries and cherishes its own age old traditions. Today, as it always had, the community does its best to offer all basic services needed for a Jewish life, from birth to burial: a beautiful synagogue, open daily for services and for tours; kosher food facilities, a kosher shehita and butchery in which you can find kosher food to buy or to cook at home, and a kosher restaurant & café situated next to the community quarter; a private nursery and a city recognized kindergarden; and a Beit Avot with 40 beds. A Community Center, which offers a vast range of services and promotes cultural activities for members and foreigners is in a process of being renovated and improved, in collaboration with international Jewish organizations.

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