Encouraging faith






The aim is to help young people get through the difficult period of studies in the best possible manner, by bringing them together and helping them construct their lives around solid common values.


REGUESH is a youth movement aimed at young people aged 17 – 25 from eastern France, who come from diverse social backgrounds and religious leanings. Many young people are so taken up by their academic studies and professional activities that they have lost all contact with Jewish culture and traditions.

REGUESH provides these young people with answers to their questions about Judaism thus arousing in them the desire to understand our history, past and present, by organizing various types of activities. Moreover, the explosion of the traditional family cell and the fact that these « budding » adults have distanced themselves from their parents and have been obliged to live far from home in order to follow their studies represents a distressing and even destabilizing experience for them. By way of our highly motivated and qualified team, REGUESH has set up a system enabling these young people to find someone to listen to them, 7 days a week – from 8 p.m. to midnight, in order to express and exchange their ideas.

REGUESH boasts modern and attractive premises situated in the heart of Strasbourg and close to the Jewish day schools and boarding schools.

REGUESH takes personal care of each and every youngster, by regularly getting them invited to the homes of local families and by striving to meet their individual needs. REGUESH also organises conferences, shabbat meals, study grants, and weekend activities …

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