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Recipe for Success, Israel


Recipe for Success course


“Recipe for Success” is a professional training program designed to promote the exit of ‘women at risk’ from the cycle of poverty. This educational program, in the area of food industry, aims to assist the women fulfill their potential and become integrated in the labor market, moving from  dependent  to independent members of their community.


The training includes two semesters, three months each: The 1st semester focuses on learning basic culinary skills with weekly training in the kitchen of Be’er Sova Community Restaurant with instruction by a professional chef from “The  Chef College”. They participate in weekly meeting with the coordinator social worker.

The 2nd semester focuses on internship and professional guidance, including two field tours at potential work places. The coordinator identifies potential employers, providing them information about the project.

Each participant, completing the training,  receives an official diploma, signed by “The Chef College” and the Be’er Sheva Municipal Department of Social Welfare

Becoming integrated in the labor market: each graduate is counselled  for job placement,with follow-up by the coordinator and support if necessary to make sure she is compatible and able to hold the job for the long-term.

I am happy to report that from the pilot course, eight women of the fifteen in the course are working in various positons in the local food industry.

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