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Raise Your Spirits Theatre, current production JUDGE! Song of Devora (Deborah)


Women dancing in Judge song


JUDGE! promotes the importance of unity among the Jewish people. It emphasizes the strength and vision that women bring to the nation, as exemplified by Deborah, who was a judge, prophet, military leader and teacher of Torah. Our cast and crew include native born Israelis and new immigrants from English-speaking countries, religious and secular women, in order to build bridges and create a diverse community.


Raise Your Spirits Theatre performs in order to raise the spirits of the people of Israel during turbulent times. We perform in memory of victims of terror and Israeli soldiers who fell in the line of duty, and in honor of their families, who we host as our guests at our performances. We also host, as our guests, women from shelters, and women in difficult financial straits.

We help women and girls find fulfillment for their performing talents in an atmosphere in which they will feel comfortable. We include girls and women who are experiencing or who have experienced difficult life challenges.

We bring high quality, original musical theater inspired by Torah to the public stage, in the spirit of “From Zion shall go forth the Torah,” through deeply researched, sensitively written shows that bring Biblical figures to life as inspirational role models.

JUDGE! promotes the importance of unity and of women’s leadership and strength.

We insist on a high artistic standard. We commenced rehearsals for the current show during the summer of 2018 and will continue through our performance season of February, 2019, possibly extending to March, 2019.

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