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Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz’s Tanach Project


  • Tanach Project-2012

  • Tanach Project-2012

  • Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz's Tanach Project-2012



The great vision behind all the specific plans is indeed a vision, namely: an underlying idea that unifies and ties together all our different actions. Our vision is to create a Jewish renaissance. This revival calls for new paradigms in our Jewish world-view. The idea is to present a series of ideas and plans which will not in a way be compromises or patch work. We aspire to bring a new spirit into our world-view and into our future-oriented goals and directions.


Torah, as its Hebrew root implies, is a form of הוראה – teaching. It teaches us the path we should follow, and is indeed a guide to fulfilling the commandments within it. Yet it is also far more than that. It is a comprehensive guide to life, the expression of Judaism’s conception of everything in the world, whether the subject is concrete and practical or abstract and spiritual, whether it expresses an immediate and living need or is entirely theoretical and without practical application It cannot be required of every person to learn all of the Torah or even to understand all of what is learned. All that can be required is that whatever one does learn should be correct truth – not more or less or probably truth – but the kind of truth that will enable a person to be sure about which buttons he has to press and those he has to avoid in an incompletely comprehended world.

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