Encouraging progress


Professions of the Future High School


Professions of the future


Professions of the Future High School is a project-based learning public school, the first of its kind in Israel. Our educational model engages the students in social, technological and environmental issues, and teaches them to find solutions to the challenges we are faced with on local and global scales, and build a better future.


The Professions of the Future High School was developed by Dror Educational centers network, with a unique partnership between the Ministry of Economy and municipalities in northern Israel, and in collaboration with research and development centers, academic institutions and industry leaders. The school aims to create a living educational environment that serves as a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural platform, serving as a fertile ground for the students to engage in real world questions and challenges.

The school’s target audience is a wide variety of youth in the Galilee – Jewish, Arab and Druze – and seeks to improve and develop education, employment and the economy while strengthening cooperation between the different sectors of society in northern Israel.

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