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Preservation and Digitization of the Habima’s Archive


    First playbill of Hadybuk


Habima- Israel’s National Theatre
Habima’s archive is the most comprehensive theatre archive in Israel and includes significant historical documentation of the history of the Jewish people, the Hebrew language, and the Hebrew culture. By making the materials of the archive accessible to the public and professional bodies, the archive will fulfill its duty to preserve for future generations the cultural heritage of Israel.


Founded in Moscow in 1917, Habima is the cradle of the Hebrew and Jewish Theatre, being one of the first theatres in Europe to perform in the Hebrew language. Habima is one of the leading and biggest cultural institutes in Israel.

Around 120 of the best actors in Israel make up Habima’s remarkable company, which includes both young and veteran actors. This magnificent company is conducted by a team of creators who are at the top of their fields in Israel and around the world.

Habima’s management has laid out a series of goals – expressing the character of the National Theatre and its role in society: promoting Israeli classics and original plays and creating an incubator for young Israeli playwrights, creating “melting pot” between young playwrights and the Israeli/Jewish/Hebrew classics and showcasing Jewish playwriting and works from Jewish playwrights or which concern Judaism.

The theatre holds annual different educational programs focusing on the history of the theatre, memory of the holocaust and many more.

Habima has been officially considered the national theatre of Israel since 1958, the year in which it received the Israel Prize for theatre. The Theatre see great importance, especially these days, in preserving the important history of the Habima, which plays a significant role in the rise of the Jewish people.

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