Encouraging progress


Pre Military Mechina “Ofakim Le’Mada”




The program will cultivate a future generation of science leaders, educate them, deepen their love of science, and work to instill the importance of contributing to Israeli society. The volunteers will harness their own capabilities and reinforce their commitment to advancing Israel. They will become particularly aware of the challenges facing the country’s geographically remote and less-advantaged socioeconomic regions, as they promote scientific education in these areas.


Mechina program participants will study high-level science subjects, learn how to engage people in science, and operate Davidson Institute scientific activities in schools in Ofakim that would otherwise not have access to such opportunities. The Mechina program will also encourage participants to integrate Zionist and ethical considerations in future junctures in their lives, such that contributing to society and helping strengthen Israel’s disadvantaged populations will become a significant component of their life choices. As part of this goal, the course will urge the volunteers to combine their aspirations for a scientific career with a desire to contribute to or even to teach in various educational settings.

The Davidson Institute of Science Education, in cooperation with the Weizmann Institute of Science, will provide Mechina’s course participants with staff members who will guide them toward achieving the aforementioned goals. Existing educational programs at the Davidson Institute will serve as a basis for volunteer activities in schools and in other community-educational frameworks. The program will generate a pool of potential degree candidates for Israel’s institutes of higher education.

The participants will also learn yearly courses on Democracy, Zionism, Israel’s society and Jewish thought and Talmud, alongside with preparation toward significant military service.

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