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Perach Zahav Bnei Bayit -Yeshiva Orot Shaul


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Many elderly people in Israel experience loneliness, which even intensified during the Corona period. We are interested in integrating Yeshiva students in a weekly volunteer program in homes of elderly people. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the intergenerational connection between young and old, and to create a personal and emotional dialogue between them.

Currently at the yeshiva ‘Orot Shaul’ in South Tel Aviv, there is a program led by a volunteer that matches 40 yeshiva students, aged 18-23, with elderly people in the community who are lonely and unable or don’t feel safe for various reasons leaving their homes. The yeshiva would like to continue the current program and provide training for the students in working with the elderly, providing them with the tools to better assist them. Currently they help 20-25 elderly people a year and this funding would allow them to help 40-50.


  1. To provide for and ensure the security of these elderly residents who are scared to leave their homes by escorting them.
  2. Provide administrative assistance: shopping, paying bills, making and taking them to doctor’s appointments and/or pharmacy to pick up prescriptions.
  3. Keeping them company during times of loneliness, due to sickness, lack of family in the area, and Corona restrictions.
  4. Provide technological support (computer, Zoom) light household repairs (changing lightbulbs, etc..)
  5. Creating activities for the elderly to attend multiple times a year (Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim) as well as cultural events and workshops for them so that they may feel part of a community as opposed to sitting home alone.
  6. Providing training for the yeshiva students in elder care (2 courses once a year) so that they may be better equipped to help the people they are matched with throughout the year.

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