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Perach Zahav Bnei Bayit – Bat Ami


    תמונה פרח הזהב למתנאל


Make the lives of elderly, lonely people in Israel better through connecting them with National Service volunteers.


The 3-years “Perach Zahav Bnei Bayit – Bat Ami” project will operate in collaboration with the municipal welfare departments in 6 localities assisting some 60 senior citizens.
Each elderly person will be assigned 1-2 National Service young women volunteers who will undergo a home-improvement training (light home repair, home styling basic etc.).

1. Assist the seniors with their various needs (particularly, improving their meager living conditions), a listening ear and loving heart.
2. Create a deep and profound connection between the senior and young volunteer/s.
3. Offer the young volunteers an opportunity to connect to their roots, past and traditions.

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