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Patronato de Nutricion


  • Patronato de Nutricion 2012

Patronato de Nutricion


The projects created self-sustainable development and production farms in the La Ensenada and Hato Rincón communities.


To create such a farm, a person from the community donated 3-hectares (30,000 square meters) of land with water available. The people participating were trained in associative work and a Board of Directors was elected in order to manage resources and organize the group. To succeed in this project, it is necessary to train the participating partners in each of the activities that will be developed, and in each one of the items and new techniques to be incorporated, with the aim of attaining better results and benefits for the participants. Emphasis is on organic agriculture and on soil and environmental preservation. Once the people are trained, we give them the necessary tools to carry out each one of the tasks to produce the amount of food necessary for the families participating in the project. We make a sketch or a map describing the specific place where each of the self-sustainable development and production farm’s components will be established. We are going to produce agricultural products (tomato, cacao, coffee, plantain, cucumber, and cassava among others), and breed animals (priming chicken, ovipositors, tilapias priming fish and yard chickens) in this project. Infrastructure to accommodate the animals (3 ranches) has to be built for the cattle activities. We have considered constructing a multi-use ranch for the dormitory, kitchen, warehouse, meetings and trainings. In the case of the La Ensenada farm, we have envisioned building ecotourism lodging since we have the mountain environment (the farm land) and the beach within a thirty minutes walk, since the project is located in a bay. The production generated by the participating partners in each activity has two destinations: 50% will be distributed among the participating partners and 50% will be sold in the community. A bank account is opened with the money from the sales, to ensure self-management of the self-sustainable farm.

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