Encouraging faith


PaRDeS – four dimensions of understanding the Torah -Genesis




The book is encouraging study of Jewish faith, Judaic science and Jewish culture. The book is written in Croatian and discus the weekly parashot by the order of the PaRDeS. It includes translation of Midrash and Zohar texts for the first time. It is an important contribution to all Jews in the former Yugoslavia who speak the Serbo-Croatian language. It will also serve the academic Community, scholars and students studying Jewish studies at the university of Zagreb or other academic institutions in the former Yugoslavia.


The core of Bet Israel Jewish Community are the members who are excellently connect the foundations of Judaism with contemporary trends in the Jewish world.
Many members of Bet Israel are well-known intellectuals and highly educated experts whose knowledge is valued in Jewish and non-Jewish circles in Croatia and abroad. In 2012, the Chair of Judaic Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in the university of Zagreb was founded at the instigation and involvement of individual members of the Bet Israel community.
The community founded the “Hugo Kon” Jewish elementary school, and preschool. In the beautiful synagogue, services are held regularly.
Within the Community, the cultural club “Alfred Pal” operates very successfully, as part of which many well-known lecturers, musicians, and writers perform. In the “Stella Skopal” gallery exhibition space, we present eminent artists — be it paintings, photographs or applied art. The community also has a library and a rich and systematic publishing activity. The “Mišo Montiljo” choir also operates within the Community. The activity of the Bet Israel community is recognized for its values on the theological, scientific and wider social level, and the members of the Community maintain very good relations with other religious communities. The community also has its own newsletter, Ruah Hadaša, with informative and educational content, which is regularly distributed in Croatia and the region. All this contributes to the very dynamic life of the Community.

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