Encouraging progress


One Bio-medicine group, from CHABAD elementary school, on mobile lab. Kiryat Malachi

Photo of project


Established in 2004, Ofanim is a non-profit organization whose mission is to mitigate educational gaps between children residing in central Israel and those residing in its geographic and social periphery. It aims to help create an equal opportunity in education throughout the country, across all sectors. We believe that all children are capable of achievements if given a chance.


Ofanim brings educational opportunities to the doorstep of marginalized children, by way of buses equipped as mobile labs and commercial vehicles equipped as mini labs, with computers, 3D printers and advanced technologies which the target audience would not have access to otherwise.

The children are active participants in the learning process, and their success in acquiring new knowledge in this unique hands-on environment enhances their sense of capability and self-confidence. They participate in a range of programs tailored for their age group as they progress from one year to the next, and thus benefit from knowledge in diverse areas. Through this long-term impact, Ofanim empowers and encourages them to fulfill their untapped potential and consider continuing to higher education – the key to endless opportunities in the labor market and to a brighter future – for their own benefit, as well as for the benefit of Israeli society as a whole.

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