Encouraging creativity and culture


Galil Human & Nature Film Festival 2024




To promote artists and professionals in the fields of cinema, visual arts, music, theater, and art, at the Israeli northern periphery. The organization aspires to support cultural and artistic initiations that arise from local needs and energies. We believe art and culture nurture a local identity, a sense of relevance and solidarity, and as a byproduct generates economical and touristic prosperity for the region.


The organization leads several projects: Comics workshops for children and youth, in more than 40 local authorities; The Galilee Filmmakers Forum, that unites more than 200 TV and film professionals, living in northern Israel, and the main project – the Galil human & Nature film festival – an international film festival focusing on man and nature relationship. Located at Hula Lake Park – one of the world’s most important bird’s migration ruts, and in most diverse region for outdoors sports in the country, the festival is the arrowhead for branding the Upper Galilee as a blue zone and a center for outdoors culture and tourism. The festival is a cultural arena to discuss and raise awareness to the challenges that humanity is facing regarding climate change, water and garbage crisis, and the extinction of wildlife. The program holds documentaries focusing on human-nature relations: environmental films, adventure films, traveling and journey documentaries and stories of the healing power of nature. Beside screenings, the festival includes tours and workshops, master classes, art exhibition, special events and educational project designated for exceptional high school students for communication and cinema and combines cinematic creativity and skills, with awareness to the environmental challenges humanity is facing.

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