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New Bank Balance – יתרה חדשה




New Bank Balance NPO (NBB) works to enable every household in Israel to achieve financial balance.
We provide guidance and personal assistance throughout the process for members or for a symbolic price to all comers.
Our organization works to make the necessary legislative changes in order to create a fair and balanced economic ground to the citizens of Israel.


NBB’s overall aspiration is to shift the power imbalance between large financial institutions and consumers in Israel. It seeks to do this through three specific goals: (1) to equip consumers with financial knowledge and tools to efficiently and effectively manage personal finances and resist abuse by banks; (2) to advocate on behalf of consumers on law reform and policy development concerning financial industry practices; and (3) to provide representation to consumers who have suffered abuse by financial institutions that may be rectified through the courts, whereby setting precedents in the financial industry.
In service of these goals, ALEF seeks to fulfill the following objectives over the course of three years:
(1) Provide services to approximately 3000 consumers including: 1200 consumers utilizing financial literacy materials from the ALEF website, 960 consumers receiving general financial advice via telephone, 650 consumers developing personal finance plans with ALEF Financial Counselors in person (from within the 960 consumers receiving advice via telephone), and 1060 participants of financial workshops/trainings.
(2) Publish 13 policy positions on upcoming Knesset legislation on ALEF website and execute 2 major policy campaigns related to abuses by financial institutions.
(3) Provide representation to 12 consumers in court cases against large financial institutions.

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