Encouraging progress






Israel has used hi-tech to catapult itself into the global economy, creating an innovative & entrepreneurial reputation. However many youth aren’t exposed to opportunities that allow them to develop new skills & reach success.


Net@ uses a holistic approach to empower youth from Israel’s geographic & socio-economic peripheries with advanced technology education, social values, and leadership skills. The technology curriculum is based on Cisco’s Networking Academy; the social leadership curriculum teaches multiculturalism, democracy & community commitment.

Roei is a Net@ student in Ramla. Dedicated, trust-worthy, and serious, Roei serves as an excellent role model for his Net@ peers. When Roei talks about what the Net@ Project has given him, he says that he has improved his English, learned not to give up easily, and realized the importance of listening to himself and pursuing his dreams. He describes himself as someone who started the program shy and introverted and grew into a respected leader.

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