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Negev Rising- Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

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The ‘Negev Rising- Mitzpe Ramon’ (“Vealitem Banegev”) initiative, a community organization operating in cooperation with the social services, recruited to the important cause of not leaving a single soul behind, in unique projects bringing strength and unity to the community.


The “Negev Rising” developed many programs in town such as:

“Perach Zahav Matanel”- aims to provide holistic support for the senior, through youth and student volunteers who gain much from this movement themselves. While each student volunteers weekly with a personal senior, deep and profound connection is created between the senior and younger populations, providing company for seniors, as well as aid in whatever they need, a listening ear and loving heart.

“Repairing Patrol”-Certifies local youth-at-risk in maintenance jobs while they volunteer to fix up senior’s homes. The youth utilize their strengths to positive doing, filling their emptiness with granting others, gaining a sense of pride and competency, and building their self-esteem and identity. All that, as a result of repairing and providing a decent home for seniors- A home they so deserve.

“Ken Laem”– “Ken LaEm” opened in 2009 to empower both mothers and children with emotional-social problems. Individual mentoring is provided by volunteer mothers who undergo three months of training and are supervised by therapeutic professionals. The volunteers serve as “adopting mothers” who form deep bonds with the participants.

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