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Nalaga’at Center: Supporting the Rent Expenses and the Building’s Redesign and Accessibility

Jaffa Port, Israel

  • מרכז-הסדנאות-המחודש

  • מתחם-קפיש-המחודש



The Nalaga’at (“please touch” in Hebrew) nonprofit center is a stage for arts and culture that promotes an equal dialogue and leads to social change, with the belief in the human spirit and its ability to touch and to make a difference.


Nalaga’at center (“Please Touch” in Hebrew) was crowned by The New York Times as “a simple, universal message, powerfully conveys from the stage”, and has established itself as one of the most innovative theaters in the world, and Israel’s leading cultural sites

The center is home for: Nalaga’at Theater – the world’s first and unique theater with ensembles of deaf-blind actors (with dual disability), Blackout Restaurant – where blind waiters accompany the guests to a meal in total darkness, Kapish Event Center – where deaf waiters invite the guests to communicate in sign language, and a Workshop Center – offering a variety of interactive workshops in the light and in the dark, led by deaf, blind and professional instructors.

The center offers unique employment opportunities for people with disabilities and cultural platforms for dialogue between them and the general public. Since its opening, the center has hosted more than 750,000 visitors.

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