Encouraging progress


Naamat School in Lod


  • Naamat School in Lod 2012-2013

  • Naamat School in Lod 2012-2013

  • Naamat School in Lod 2012-2013

  • Naamat School in Lod 2012-2013



Majority of students of the Naamat Lod high-school come from single-parent, low socioeconomic background families. They are forced to work until late hours to support the family, and do not have proper conditions and time to study. We help our students to gain time for studies,  to utilize their potential to the fullest and to provide  them the basic values necessary for  the integration in the army and the society as normative moral citizen.


In order to give the youth the conditions for studies the Naamat Lod high-school intends to help them by providing their families the means to acquire basic equipment for their homes such as refrigerator, washing machine, stove. In addition it would like to help by supporting purchase of eye-glasses, dental treatment etc.
Homeroom teachers visit student homes, identify their specific needs and recommend school’s management the basic equipment to be donated. In personal interviews with the students their personal needs are identified. Special relations between the school  students and their  families are built mitigating the drop out.
Special attention is given to the exceptionally gifted students and students being drafted to the IDF combat units.  Every quarter the outstanding students are awarded stipends to promote excellence.

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