Encouraging progress


Music center Givol school




The music center aims to strengthen the positive integration. Students of different socio-economical status cooperate, using chords, strings and a microphone to create a bridge to a meaningful connection. More than a 100 students, from grade school to high school learn in the center with professional music tutors. The students work on singing and playing a variety of instruments. They participate in bands and choruses, percussion ensembles, performing groups and sound crew.


During the years 2011-2013 Etai has led groups of student from the music department in Haifa University who volunteered in special needs organizations around Haifa. The project created a multitude of interactions with a wide array of people, all sharing the common denominator of love of music.
Since 2013 Itai has been a teacher in Givol, and fulfilled several capacities:
• Developing and teaching educational programs, leading ensembles and choruses from grade 1 to grade 10. Teaching music and rhythm-music in pre-school, teaching music theory, vocal development and 20th century history to elementary school and junior-high.
• Home room teacher to a class of 30 students, counseling to 12 students, teaching Bible studies and history, and leading the music department in school, which entailed, among other things, responsibility and guidance over other teachers and national service volunteers.

Itai is well beloved by faculty members and the student body. He opened an impressive music center, drawing more and more kids. Itai is an integral part of every ceremony in school, and is always happy to be a part. This year Etai also accompanied a multi aged team of students who took part in a course in lighting and amplification, skills they will apply to school events.
In addition, this year Itai has promoted and produced a large musical production in Givol (Lion King), including dozens of students in various ages taking responsibilities for singing, dancing, settings, directing and editing. The production was a huge success and made the entire school and community proud.

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