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Through this unfiltered portrait of Auschwitz-Birkenau, my wish is to question the place and the function that this place holds in our contemporary society and to show also the challenge that still represent nowadays the understanding of the Shoah as well as the perpetuation of its memory.


Following his coming to Israel, Yonathan Levy created his own production structure, Elyon Motions, allowing him to produce his own documentaries as well as to develop his ambitious fiction projects. Museum is thus the first film produced by Elyon Motions. To date, Yonathan Levy has invested his own funds in order to be able to finance the very specific production of this film and also to develop the documentary projects he plans to produce afterwards: Symphonia, dealing with the peculiar story of the national anthem of Israel and The Promised Sea, about the life of the last remaining Israeli sailors. This phase of investment in creation is coming to an end since Museum’s production is almost done and since the new documentary projects are going to enter the funding search phase soon. We thus intend to create a positive dynamic which will allow us this time to invest in the writing and conception of our ambitious fiction projects: The Countess of Tripoli about a Jewish Libyan girl whose fate is totally changed after being expelled from Libya with the rest of her community to Italy, The completion of the World that tells the story of Magellan’s slave, the first ever man who accomplished a circumnavigation and Rashi, the life of the most famous Jewish scholar who lived at the time of the First Crusade.

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