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Mr. Hebrew – A film by Eyal Shahar


    Bar Asher


A semi-autobiographical film commemorating of Prof. Moshe Bar-Asher’s life. The plot will focus on the story of his personal life, his thought, his leadership, his research and his work for the Hebrew language.


Prof. Moshe Bar Asher is characterized by his professional and personal work with determination, diligence, innovation and integrity. Throughout the years he kept his manner and modesty. He achieved his tremendous contribution to the Hebrew language with the help of pioneering thought.

Despite his unique life story, as a person who immigrated to Morocco alone at the age of 12 and conquered every summit in his field, he never made any claim against the establishment or against society.

The work will tell the story of his unique and inspiring life, and will emphasize Bar-Asher’s groundbreaking efforts in various components, using the methods of “parallel editing” of various documentary courses, including: Encounter and testimonies of the character with central locations in his life, The character in different stations in his life, the characters meeting with key colleagues, testimonies of his colleagues and students about his work and about his contribution to the progress and development of Hebrew language research and action, testimonies of his family and acquaintances about his character and his character components.

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