Encouraging progress


Minorities integration, Association France – Israel


    Form to projectors-FRANCE-ISRAEL-Minorities integration


Our vision of the society is that we need to go forward all together, without leaving citizens by the wayside. This applies as well for each country, where it is important to include disabled people, minorities, social outcasts etc. As between countries,  which have to share their know-how and success.


Israeli are developing innovative social programs, for integration of minorities, youth at risk, young dropouts etc., and also innovative educational programs like introducing entrepreneurship at school. All these programs aim at turning socially assisted and poorly integrated population into economic players, leaders, lifeblood of social action. We will take a group of around 15 people who are working in the social area in France for a visit of their Israeli counterparts :

–  Emancipation of youth at risk: social models that reduce dropouts.

– Entrepreneurship in education, since  kinder garden.

– Integration of minorities. Israeli-Arab community case: how Israel has doubled Arab students in less than 10 years.

– Social & economic development: Nazareth’s case, which has become a hub for start-ups and innovative companies.

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