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Midreshet Roni


Midreshet Roni_Picture Lishkat Giyus


Every religious young woman should be totally involved in Israeli society and fulfill her obligations as equal citizens of the State.  Midreshet Roni was established to expand the opportunities available for these women, prepare them for meaningful service in the IDF, help them integrate into Israeli society, and subsequently take on significant roles as women in Israel while maintaining their religious identity.


Midreshet Roni is unique among Midashot in Israel because it teaches Torah not only from Sfarim, but also as a way of life: through group living experience and by the women undertaking tasks that combine the learning with action and community involvement. After a year at Roni, they join the IDF more mature, better prepared, and with a greater awareness of their mission, while knowing the Midrasha is there escorting them during their service.

Goals and Activities

  • Strengthening the participants’ religious and feminist identities through in depth study of a diverse and open Judaism as they are prepared for army service
  • Leadership development, learning responsibility, group living skills, and empowering each individual
  • In-depth, existential and relevant Jewish Studies
  • Emotional, mental, and physical preparation for meaningful army service
  • Responsibility for their daily schedule and preparing special programming.
  • Learning and taking upon themselves tasks that focus on connecting with Israel through agriculture, archeology, and establishing community projects in the periphery
  • Group living that includes managing community projects they develop and their communal kitchen, learning time management skills, and how to stay within a budget
  • Volunteer community social action activity

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