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Michaël Bar Zvi l’Ami, Le Mensch




The subject of my film is the transmission of Jewish and Zionist values from the perspective and thought of the philosopher Michaël Bar Zvi.
The film pays tribute to Bar Zvi’s free, original and pure thought and in doing so highlights the values of Zionism purged of the doxa’s slag.
It, thus, restores the truth on a subject that remains topical and unfortunately misguided.


The friendship and trust that Elisabeth Lenchener shared with Bar Zvi for more than twenty years and the numerous interviews she produced with him, allowed her to make an upclose portrait of the philosopher whose words in the film resonate well with those of other Israeli participants from across the political spectrum.
This film, light-handed and clear, sheds a new and authentic light on Zionism, offering an unprecedented perspective that makes it a “must see” for all those who need to be made aware of the urgent situation.
By merely being released on TV and in schools, the film Michaël Bar Zvi, the Friend, the Mensch will become a source of knowledge and culture for school children as well as university students and can serve as a springboard for debate throughout the world. For the sake of Peace.

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