Encouraging progress


Mercaz Telem – Youth Service Centers




Every youth-at-risk can succeed; learn a profession; and become independent. Every young lady needs to feel safe, in order to thrive and develop. Every one of our girls has an obligation to discover her inner strengths and abilities, to volunteer, and to contribute to the community. Our graduates will lead the next generation of young women. They will influence families, communities and the Jewish People.


YSC programming includes drop-in centers, volunteer programs, vocational trading programs and an employment center.
Drop-in-centers provide hot meals, informal psycho-social and educational programming, Jewish identity workshops and social workers who build individual program plans and refer participants to all needed medical, educational and therapeutic services.
We have special volunteer programs and an assisted National Service Program in which our girls provide a year of service in a supported environment. Volunteer programs are also built into the vocational training and employment tracks of the YSC.
YSC also provides certificate vocational training programs in which the girls earn a recognized professional certificate in the fields of sports as a personal trainer, cosmetology, therapeutic horseback riding instruction, being a pastry chef, phlebotomy and more.
Finally, YSC runs a full-service employment center. Social workers, business owners and counselors work with our girls in interview and resume preparation; some serve as personal coaches to our girls during their initial employment phase, Internships have been created for our students and a number of businesses have agreed to provide initial employment to our graduates.

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